Bedazzle Your Home with A Crystal Chandelier

Bedazzle Your Home with A Crystal Chandelier

A known symbol of opulence and class, the magnanimity of the chandelier is timeless. But its origins are quite humbling with the name itself meaning ‘candle’ in French. The initial concept was to light up large rooms with a singular object, and the earliest known chandelier can be found at the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany and is more of a wheeled design than its more elaborately layered descendants.

Their grandeur mostly graces large spaces like hotel lobbies, ballrooms, event halls and even boutique stores. However, that shouldn’t stop you from considering one for your personal space! A chandelier can be the focal point of a typically minimalist room. Choosing one with simplicity and class would be ideal.

When it comes to your home, a traditional crystal chandelier is still the showstopper of choice. Adding ambient brightness to any space like a dining room, living room, and the formal entry area, adding classic sparkle to your light selection is still in demand.

The Optimus chandelier by Design Artistry would sit perfectly in your rooms. The drum shade that’s encasing a host of large crystals catches the light wonderfully and makes the room shine. What’s more? The white colors add the perfect balance to any theme you choose.

Benefits of Choosing an Optimus Chandelier

Looks alone cannot be a selling point. We live in times where we want practical and feasible trends as opposed to simply flaunting what we have. If you still aren’t convinced on adorning your home with a gorgeous new Optimus chandelier, here are some reasons to sway you into purchasing one:

Chandeliers are Stunning

With their intricate designs and shining crystals, a chandelier dazzles up any space you place them in. Even with the lights turned off, they bounce off natural light that adds an extra sparkle to your room. Apart from being an elegant piece of art, it even promotes a sense of romance.

Chandeliers are Space-Savers

This one might sound surprising to you, but it's true. Installing a chandelier in any space removes the need to place any additional light fixtures on the wall or on the ground. They’re capable of lighting up entire spaces with enough brightness to compensate for the whole room. It even saves you plenty of hassle to add extra wire work!

Chandeliers Are Welcoming

Be it a yellow or white light, entering a room with a chandelier always gives a warm and fuzzy feeling. The manner in which the light bounces off the crystals emits a familiar warmth filled with positive energy. A definite bonus, it’s the same reason that gives off more light to the room.

Chandeliers are Versatile

Throw out the rulebook and install a chandelier in every space! They belong not just in your living room, but include them into your bedrooms, your study and even your bathroom. The idea is to instantly boost the mood and elevate the overall aesthetic of the space you’re installing it in.

If you’re redecorating your old house or building a new one, consider adding a chandelier to your décor. They give a room the sense of bright natural light that can reach into areas and spaces that other light sources cannot cover. If you want a home with even distribution of light, then an Optimus chandelier is a perfect choice.

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